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A Eureka Moment For My Blog

Check that out for a weird blog post title. Now with some explanation it won't seem so weird. Hopefully. The thing is, I've been pondering of late, and the eureka blog title seems to ring true. After all, I've never felt particularly sure of my subject matters. Until now. I'm a writer which puts my blog in the realms of creativity. I get ideas from real world stories so it makes sense that my blog should help to inspire other writers. So basically I had a bit of a eureka moment and came to the conclusion that my blog should form the basis of a thought machine. Ultimately, I would like this space to be a source of inspiration, sort of a writers retreat, a place to visit when a brainstorming session is needed.

So far I have looked at themes and ideas that will form the bedrock of my story, To Be Free. When writing the blog posts however, I failed to look beyond the notion of what they are; an ideas machine. The world can be a very interesting place indeed, if you look be…
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First Four Chapters Of Novel

As promised, I have beneath these very words the first four chapters of my up and coming novel, To Be Free. The title may well change over the coming weeks, and as far as the story is concerned there is plenty of scope for additional content. Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I've written so far and any constructive feedback is more than welcome.

Thirty years have passed since 200 children along with their families first stepped through the doors of the Biodome; a self contained environment two miles in diameter, with the capacity to hold a thousand people. Since that fateful day, great things have occurred. The children of the Deity have been waiting in anticipation for the arrival of the great one. Then came the message from beyond, words of hope that served to elevate the excitement among the people.
The cult leaders kept everyone safe from the poisons of the outside world with a warm and loving environment for all. Tyler, now in his early thirties, looked back to the fatefu…