How to purchase and setup a domain for your blog: part 1

This week I thought I would reach out to all those who would like to setup a domain but are not sure how. I must admit, I'm not the best person to be rambling on about the technical teachings of the world wide web. I may end up with a brain stretched beyond full capacity. The words, they spill forth, but they make little sense. Ahem. Anyway, it's almost time for me to begin the tutorial. For the purpose of this tutorial I will focus on GoDaddy as the domain provider. Why? Well, because it's the very provider I used. So there. And I will talk about said domain provider in relation to Blogger.

Step 1 
Pick a name (optional)

It's time to stretch those creative grey cells and think of a catchy name for your blog. Or not. The choice is yours. If you already run a blog, you might find that this is the time for a new name. Unless your current blog name fits the bill of course. In which case you can completely ignore my words. Unless you like my words. Phew. Once you've thought of a good solid blog name, or if you already have one, then you can traverse to the next step. Erm, if you like.

Step 2 
To GoDaddy we go

Type GoDaddy into the search engine of your choice. It should be the first website option on the page. Go to the GoDaddy website (see what I did there) and you'll be presented with a page detailing various options. Now you're on the GoDaddy website it's time to scan those peepers over a few options. There is a search bar near the top of the page. Type the domain name of your choosing into this search bar and click on the search button.

Step 3
Which domain suffix

You can have a .com, .net, .org, or a The worlds your oyster. But why choose one domain type over another. It's a tricky question and one that I'm not going to answer. I just ain't knowledgeable enough on that subject methinks. I will say this much though; I went for a .com because it has a global reach. I suppose if you have a business and you're based in the UK it makes more sense to go with as that tells the internet community that you're a UK based business. Or something along those lines. I honestly wouldn't worry too much about this one. Since I'm just talking blog talk, keep things simple and choose or a .com.

Step 4
Purchasing your domain

So, you've decided on a domain name and said domain is available to buy on GoDaddy. Pick the domain suffix of your choosing. You will then be presented with several options. The privacy protection option isn't really necessary. Yes, there is less chance of your blog information being known to third party companies but there is always the chance of that happening anyway. The internet is not very watertight after all. Well I never. Anyway, I don't think it's worth the extra cost/ That's just my personal opinion. Probably because I don't want to pay an extra £5.99 for the year. I'm a tight arse, ok. And be aware that the default is set to yes for this option. On a similar note, ignore the options for hosting and email. On the next  screen there will be an option for keeping your personal information private. Again, this option is not needed in my humble opinion.  Once you're satisfied with your domain name, go to the final checkout stage and confirm your purchase. Next comes the hard part. Connecting your chosen domain name to blogger. I cover that little task in my next blog post. Hopefully tomorrow. Goodbye for now.

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