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How to purchase and setup a domain for your blog: part 2

Here I go again with more blogging madness. Last time I went through the steps of how to purchase a domain name through GoDaddy. In this post I will wrap my around around the setting up process of the domain name, in particular the linking to Blogger part. So without further ado. Let's do this thing.

Step 1
Change the CNAMES in GoDaddy

This part was a bit of a bugger. For me at least, perhaps because of a lack of caffeine. That's right, I blame most things in life on my depleting caffeine levels. Then again, I could blame many aspects of life on the overdosing of said caffeine. Could be a direct correlation with that and all these broken pencils. Hmmm. Anyway, on with the first conundrum.

Before heading to GoDaddy you'll have to delve into some of the Blogger settings, which will mean some minor tweaking of the technical variety. On the main blogger page you'll find a list of items that can be changed to suit your needs. The settings tab can be found near the bottom of this list. Click on settings and you will reveal more items. The basic tab is the one you're after. Click on that and you'll be face to face with a whole new array of settings. The next few steps I'm going to break down into some bite size chunks. Here goes;

Step 2
Changing those CNAMES

In the publishing section, under blog address, go ahead and click on the edit tab. Type in the full web name of your blog including www and the extension .com, etc. An error should come up. You will be prompted to enter two CNAMES into GoDaddy. The first is general to Google and the second is specific to your blog. Don't worry, the error is connected to the process of changing the CNAMES in GoDaddy. I will go into more detail as to where the CNAMES should be entered in a couple of steps. First things first. Where are those CNAMES hiding? Here we go.

Open GoDaddy and click on the my products section which is located at the top left of the main page. Scroll down until you see a plus icon with something resembling a football next to it. Sort of. To the right of the icon you should see the word manage. Click on it. You'll now see a screen that is titled my domains. Scroll down a little and you'll see a box with your very own domain name splurged within it. Inside the box is a small cog wheel to the top right. Click on the cog to show two options. Domain Settings and Manage DNS. Click on Manage DNS.

In the manage DNS window you'll bare witness to a whole stack of options under something called records. Not medical records or the vinyl kind, which is a shame since I can't crack a joke about flipping over to side B. Darn it. What I can do is tell you what to do with those dreaded CNAMES I mentioned earlier from Blogger. Head back to blogger, the basics setting, publishing and you'll see the two CNAMES. Ok, the first one is I'll focus on that one first. Right then, it's time to head back to GoDaddy and the DNS management page. This is where I got somewhat confused when I set up my domain, mainly because under DNS management there are four CNAME options. It wasn't entirely clear to me where to enter the details. So I will be as clear as glass with you all. Well, dirty glass at the side of the sink type of clear at least.

Go to the CNAME that has the www under the NAME category and click on the pencil icon. You will be presented with three boxes. Under host type www. Under points to, type in Leave the TTL at 1 hour. Click save. Now we follow a similar path for the entering of unique blogger code. You find this under the basic settings once more under publishing ,blog address. It should be two separate sets of letters and numbers. Copy and paste the first set of code into the host field and the second set into the points to field. Again, leave the TTL field as it is. Click save. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for your new domain to be verified.

Step 3
Finalise settings in Blogger

Now we return to Blogger. Hopefully all there is to do now is make sure your new blog address is typed into the publishing field. Once the change has been saved you should be able to type your website address into a search engine and be taken to it before you can make a cup of coffee. Hmmm, probably much quicker than that methinks.

And there you have it. Hopefully I covered everything that needs to be covered. If not, I'll leave it to you people out there to let me know. I'll be back again in a couple of days to showcase the first four chapters of my up and coming novel on this very blog. I've upped it from three chapters because I've been working so darn hard on the writing front. It would be great to get some constructive criticism, and of course any positive talk is more than welcome. And that's all for now. Goodbye, until next time.


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