Inkymindset is here

Hoorah. I have finally advanced my blog by treating it to a domain name via GoDdaddy. By paying just a relatively small fee, I now have a blog that can be found by simply type in the blog name. That kind of gives me a buzz, knowing that I'm on the world wide web in more of an official capacity. The first thing I did was search for my blog on Google; after I figured out the instructions for the domain set up process. My brain received a minor frazzling.

I thought I would announce the change of blog address to follow on from last weeks blog name change announcement post. Phew. Now there's a mouth full. As I've said the process was a tricky one at times with plenty of flitting back and forth between different tutorials. And the odd bit if cursing from me. But like with any daunting process, once it's done and dusted you end up questioning why it seemed so difficult in the first place. However, for anyone who is thinking of purchasing a domain name for their blog I will put together a painless tutorial in my next post. I will certainly try my best to avoid the technical jargon. I know that is something that I appreciate myself at times. Actually, most of the time. Next time I will also list some of the benefits of purchasing a domain name for your blog. That's all for now. Until next time.

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