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Hello all. Once again, I have returned to the land of the blog, but this week I have a special announcement to make. That's right, as the title suggests, I have decided to change the name of my blog, for the greater good. Initially my intention was to tie this blog in with the release of my novel. However, as much as I like the current title, it doesn't exactly capture the overall nature of my blog. And aside from that, it's too long and cluttered, and ultimately it's not the most search engine friendly blog title on the web.

I don't always like change, and I must admit that I've grown attached to the current blog title. I always liked the idea of including the title of my novel in there somewhere. But I've come to realise that it wasn't the best move I could have made. There are a few reasons as to why I have come to that conclusion. Firstly, my wee brain has told me that I should keep the title of my book as, erm, well, an open book. I'm not yet ready to release it yet, so there is still time to change the book title. While editing it I have allowed several possible titles to seep into my mind.

I suppose another reason to not have the title of my novel inserted into the blog title is to avoid the pitfalls of the shameless plug. Also, my blog is an entity in it's own right and I don't want to clog it up with too much of the wordage from the story variety. But every now and then I will talk about my novel, especially as I approach the deadline. So expect a bit of waffle. But not too much.

And so it is now time to announce the new name of my blog. Big drum roll please. And a few fireworks. Maybe the odd party popper. Right then, here goes. Inky Mindset. That's right. We're talking ink and mind here people. And to accompany the new blog name, I will purchase a domain for said name. Anyway, that's how things stand at the moment. Waffle moment over. I'll keep you all updated on the progress of my novel in my next post and I will also put in a few more words about the change of blog name. So until next time, keep on reading and writing and allow those story ideas to blossom. Goodbye for now.

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